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A Time of Dragon OOC community's Journal
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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
8:30 pm
Mod Post #4: The Martinverse
It is necessary that allplayers should at least have a working familiarity with the world of A Song of Ice and Fire: it is not a generic fantasy world, but a defined alternate universe with its own workings and laws, the defiance of which will be frowned upon.

Westeros is a semi-authentic medieval setting. Magic exists, as is obvious seeing as some characters in this very game ride dragons, but its instances are few and far in between. Smallfolk live and die short, ignorant and usually dirty lives. Medical knowledge is limited and disease of the nastiest sort is a real risk for every person. Men gain glory in battle, but a woman's battle is in the birthing bed, often to die before her twentieth year. Safety is behind castle walls. Mr. Martin has never shied away from even the least appealing aspects of medieval life, and neither will we.

That aside, there is the matter of playing in Westeros proper.

A few useful resources for players in Westeros:

The Citadel, an excellent resource concerning the history, geography, technology and general lore of Westeros.

Tower of the Hand, another excellent resource for all things Westeros and ASoIaF.

Author George R.R. Martin's official site.

A Song of Ice and Fire on Wikipedia.

A map of Westeros.

It must be noted that as this game takes place three hundred years before the events of the books themselves, many historical facts have yet to become such. For once, it is not House Tully but Harren the Black who rules the Riverlands; the infamous Reines still rule in Castamere; and Brandon's Gift is only half its size. Players are reminded to take such things into consideration during gameplay.
6:48 pm
Mod Entry #3: Character Creation
A Time of Dragons is currently accepting both canon and original characters for any number of roles. Primarily, we are interested in members of Westerosi nobility of the higher echelons: kings and their households, champions, powerful lords and ranking members of the Faith and various orders, such as the Maesters and the Night's Watch. The game of thrones is rarely played between smallfolk and lesser lordlings, and as such, naturally, such characters will most likely have a harder time making an impact. You are duly warned.

The application is as follows:


Contact information: E-mail would suffice, but AIM, Yahoo Messenger and any other alternative methods of communications are welcome.
Roleplaying experience: Optional, but welcome.

Your Character:

Name: Dozens of Westerosi names may be found in the ASoIaF books themselves, and any common name may be easily adapted to Martin conventions. We do, however, demand that the names be appropriate. Tolkienesque/generic fantasy names will not be accepted, and neither will "Martinazations" of decisively modern names (there is no "Savannagh" in Westeros). To be included here are also any other names your character has aquired (see "the Red Viper", "the Imp", state them here.

Age: This is realistic medieval setting: Sixteen is "a man grown" (recall Robb), and a woman is mature enough to be wedded and bedded as soon as her menstruation begins, which may be as young as twelve (recall Sansa). Conversely, a man over fifty is considered of respectable years.

Social role/rank: Knight, lord, lady, sworn brother, Maester, septa, etc.

Fealty: The house and King to which the character owes loyalty. List according to rank: a minor knight has a lord, a lord paramount and a king, while a major lord answers to a king only.

Residence: Likely a castle; sticking to canon is required. There are no Freys in Highgarden without a very good reason.

Appearance: Several families in Martin canon have typical features: Lannisters and their golden beauty, the red hair and blue eyes of the Tullys, and of course, the unique appearance of house Targaryen. While this is hardly enforced, it is recommended such things be kept in mind. A trademark appearance can make a significant impact on a character.

Skills: This on a general basis, so that we may know who shines in a tourney, who has the stomach for slaughter and who has forged a silver link to his chain. It is considered extremely tasteless to declare your character exceptional in a ridiculous number of skills; Jaime Lannister may have won his white cloak at seventeen, but as we've seen, he is not also a master dancer, a peerless healer, a moral paragon and an authority on all things magical. If he were, he'd be boring as sin.

Personality: We require that this be both extensive and appropriate. Martin's many queens aside, it is far from likely that every highborn maiden would dream of joining the Faceless Men, and not all, not even most knights are true. This is doubtless the most important part of the application.

Family: Now, this is the most tricky part of them all. As in this game, characters will inevitably be linked via family ties, they will be on a first come first serve basis. The first person to apply as, said, King Loren's son gets to name and perhaps roughly describe his mother and possible siblings and other family members, and other players will simply have to adapt themselves.

History: Now let us be frank: these being peaceful times in Westeros, how many highborn women do you think were raped, watched their entire family slaughtered, were found amnesiac in a back alley or spent their youth training among freeriders? This covers some of the most typical and irksome cliches in character backgrounds (unfortunately, experience shows such cliches to be much more common among female characters) and is presented to give a general idea of what not to include here.

PB: Optional; you may opt to use an actual actor or model, a piece of artwork, or no portrayal icon at all.

Please e-mail your complete application to space_wolf_b@yahoo.com for approval. Once the character is approved, you may create a journal for them and join the action.

Comment here with any questions you may have, as well as requests to reserve a specific character.
Saturday, January 21st, 2006
5:35 pm
Mod Post #2: The Rules
1. Spelling, grammar etc. Please, please spellcheck and proofread entries. It doesn't take more than a minute. Netspeak ("how r u 2day") will get your sorry ass banned so fast you'd think a dragon was chasing it. Also: this is Martin. We don't ask you to speak in old High English, but no netspeak, no shorthand, and try to keep modern slang to an absolute minimum. No one at King's Landing will be 'down with your homies, like duh'.

2. Activity. We all have lives and other games, including your mods. Nevertheless, we'd like everyone to update at least once a week, and to keep up with conversation threads. If you're going to be away or are really busy - let us know.

3. Canon. While we are, technically, playing history, keeping to things as they happened isn't required. For all we know, the Fields of Fire might have ended a lot differently if the King of the Reach had a really good RPer to help him out. Feel free to go on and do whatever makes sense, but keep in mind that it should make sense. The Targaryens aren't going to decide they'd rather sit home and knit, and I doubt the Lannisters will change their family crest to a kitten anytime soon.

4. Original characters are welcome. While you should not shy away from picking up a canon character, there's plenty of room in the RP. Fit them into any of the old Houses, or come up with something new, but keep it within the world framework. See the entry on Character Creation for further details.

5. Game rating is NC-17. These characters are rude, lewd and often nude. Please mark R and NC-17 rated entires carefully. Accordingly, this game isn't open to people under 18.

6. Consent. This one's a biggie, I'll make it a bit bigger...

Consent: In a game of conspiracy and intrigue and bloody violence, there will be times when a certain character, or an NPC, is out to kill, discredit, or somehow destroy another character. Be aware of that before you even begin. Characters might die. We pull no more punches than Martin does. The steps to implementing such a plan are as follows:

Player A would like his character to kill another character, or an NPC. They think up a plan of how this could be accomplished.

Player A brings said plan to a mod, and explains the reason and mechanisms behind it. The mod considers, and if the plot reasoning is solid and interesting, will allow it.

Player A then informs the player of the target character that there is such a plot, and either gets consent to kill that character, or allows the player to defend his character in some way - with bodyguards or magic or any other way, including pre-emptive killing of the plotting character, as long as he has a reasonable IC way to've found out about it.

Too complicated? In any dispute about killing or not killing characters, the mod has the final word.

7. IC/OOC: Especially in light of the previous item. Keep IC and OOC relations separate. Keep IM channels open. It's all in good fun, and it's just a game. The same is very much true of IC/OOC knowledge: what a mun knows, having read in a journal or a raven message, is not necessarily something a character is aware of, and using such knowledge is bad form.

8. Powergaming. Unacceptable under any circumntances. You are not at a liberty to decide any other characters' actions for them. Throw the punch - don't describe how it hits.

9. Posting format. In your own journal, you may use whatever person and tense you are most comfortable with. In the community journal, when interacting with other characters, as well as in any chat logs, we request you stick to third person, past tense. Raven messages are, of course, written as such.

10. Always remember: this is a game. No matter what happens, we're here to have fun together, not to start world wars. Also, this is a game, not a counselor's office. People who would declare themselves suicidal whenever someone in the game seems to dislike their character should seek help elsewhere.
5:17 pm
Mod Post #1: Characters.
At King's Landing:

Aegon Targaryen, lord of Dragonstone, styling himself king of Westeros - aegonthefirst.
Visenya Targaryen, Aegon's elder sister and wife - JOURNAL PENDING
Rhaenys Targaryen, Aegon's younger sister and wife

At Winterfell the North:

Torrhen Stark, the King in the North

At Highgarden and the Reach:

Mern Gardener, King of the Reach
Harlen Tyrell, steward to King Mern

At Casterly Rock and the West:

Loren Lannister, King of the West

At Harrenhal and the Riverlands:

Harren the Black, King of the Riverlands
Edmyn Tully, his lord bannerman, lord of Riverrun

At Sunspear and Dorne:

At Storm's End and the Stormlands:

Orys Baratheon, the Bastard of Dragonstone, lord of Storm's End, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands.

At Pyke and the Iron Isles:

Vickon Greyjoy, lord of Pyke.

Wanderers, freeriders and others:
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